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OG Kava Our original potent kava from the Island of Fiji $2.00

Chocolate Kava Original kava blended with chocolate $3.00

Feel like a nut! Original kava blended with chocolate, coconut and almond extract makes the perfect Almond Joy flavor. $3.00

Cool Breeze Original kava blended with chocolate, and peppermint extract makes the perfect York Peppermint Patty flavor. $3.00

​Head Trip (3) kava shells We recommend drinking two kava shells back to back, wait approximately 15-20 mins and drink a third shell for the full kava experience.
$6.00 (OG) $9.00 (Flavored)

Ceremonial Bowl(approx. 8-9 shells)Gather some friends and enjoy Kava the Polynesian way. $15.00 (OG)$23.00 (Flavored)

We also offer Kava in the following flavors as well: Gingerbread ,Caramel ,Butterscotch   and Pumpkin.

For an extra special kick add a scoop of our premium grade kava to any kava drink $1.00

Piper methysticum (kava or kava kava) is a plant that is grown in the South Pacific Islands. The root is used to produce a drink with sedative and anti-anxiety properties that is capable of inducing relaxation and mental clarity. For over 3000 years, kava has been used in the islands for medicinal, religious, political, cultural and social purposes. Kava helps ease anxiety, stress and depression, as well as help to induce a restful sleep. It will “take the edge off”, promote sociability while helping to focus and concentrate.

The plant thrives in the islands of Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga,Samoa, Pohnpei, New Guinea and Hawaii. No one knows exactly where the kava plant originated from however; there is strong evidence to suggest that Vanuatuis its origin. Captain James Cook was the first known encounter with kava during the voyage of 1768-1771. Captain Cook gave the kava plant its name of“intoxicating pepper.” Kava was prepared by pounding or chewing the root. In many areas virgin boys or girls were selected to masticate the kava, since they were considered to be pure and clean. The kava drink has many uses in the SouthPacific Islands. Primarily it is consumed in ceremonies such as funerals and other religious events among tribe members however; it is also consumed in social manner. Kava began to make its way into the mainstream in the United States in the early 2000’s

· Temporary numbness of the mouth, throat and lips
· Relaxation of muscles
· Calms nerves
· Induces feeling of peace and contentment
· Enhances mental alertness and concentration
· Reduces inhibitions and promotes sociability

What will I feel when I drink kava?
Immediately after drinking kava, you will feel a slight numbness to your tongue and lips. This is due to two topical anesthetics that are active ingredients in the kava root (kavain and dihydrokavain)

When should I drink kava?
Kava is usually consumed after sunset/at the end of the day. However, in our hectic, modern society, kava can be consumed at any time of the day since it does not affect ones mental state.

Is kava addictive?
No. Kava has not been shown to be chemically addictive. It has been used safely for over 3,000 years without any reported withdrawal symptoms whatsoever.

How much kava do I need to drink to feel the effects?
​Everyone has different metabolisms and sensitivity levels so there is no definitive answer.

​Can you drink too much kava?
Yes. If you drink too much kava, you will begin to feel extremely sleepy. As a matter of fact, kava has been proven to be a cure for insomnia. However, death or severe illness from exclusive use of kava has not been reported in any medical literature.

Can I drink alcohol with kava?
​No. Never drink alcohol with kava. It is very unhealthy and will make you nauseated.

Who should not drink kava?
Pregnant and nursing women, children, and people with liver or kidney disease shouldn't use kava.