Philadelphia's Premier

Hookah Lounge

Best Deal in the City


Ambrosia- nectar of the gods, sweet melon
Lemon Mint-
not too minty, and not too lemony
like a watermelon jolly rancher candy
White Gummi Bear-
a handful of them in your mouth



Social Smoke

Punishmint –Powerful Mint

Raspberried Alive - Tangy & Sweet Raspberries
Redrum -
Strawberry & Cherry
Sex Monkey -
Mint, Melon & Mystery Flavor
Smokin' Dead -
Mint, Peach & Blueberry
Spaceman Bill -
Fruit Cocktail Blend
Spirit + Mind = Soul -
Melon blend
WTF Alice -
Rose, Jasmine, Vanilla & Mint


Apple Explosion - Red and Green Apple
Bugly Fitch - Sweet Chai & Spice
Citrus O.D. - Citrus Fruits & Mint
Frank The Tank - Grapefruit & Tangerine
It's Kind Of Small Gabe - Sweet Cinnamon with Cream & Honey
Lematrix - Intense Sweet Lemon
Optimus Lime - Sour Lime

Blue Mist- blueberry with mint
Sex on the Beach- lemons, oranges & citrus
Code 69- Cool aid mixed with tart citrus & fruit
Pirates Cave- frozen lime margarita
Safari Melon Dew- super sweet melon
White Peach- creamy peach
Tangerine Dream- orange soda 

Starbuzz Bold
Queen of Sex- Fruity Pebbles/Skittles
Pink Lady – like the drink
Peach Queen – peach ring gummies
Purple Savior- can you say Grape Soda!

Our Flavors

Tiger's Blood- blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, & cherries
Absolute Zero- icy blend of mixed mints
Sex Panther- peach, cranberry, & orange
Mobster- guarana, citrus, raspberry & pineapple
Twisted- mangoes, strawberries, raspberries, & blueberries
Passion Fruit Mojito- lemon & lime juices, exotic passion fruit, & cool mint
Voltage- watermelon & lemon with a hint of Amaretto
Potion #9- melon, cherries, raspberries & pineapple
Chocolate Chill- chocolate chip ice-cream
Vegas Bomb- bourbon whiskey, butterscotch, & sour energy drink
French Vanilla- pure vanilla and exotic spices